Why I Traded Betas for Bikinis

It’s been a little over two months since I handed in my corporate badge, said good-bye to colleagues who felt like family, and began my journey as a female founder. Two months in, it’s pretty wonderful.

The company I founded is called Unreasonable Women. I called it this for two reasons:

  1. I felt like this George Bernard Shaw needed an update.
  2. When you Google “unreasonable women” you mostly get guys lamenting about their ex-wives divorce claims. What can I say? I love a blue ocean.

We wanted to dig into ways better product design and manufacturing could empower women and found that 96 percent of women report having negative body image. What’s even more depressing is that those feelings begin as early as age five. We dug into the instances when negative body image is at its worst, surveyed women in the United States and found that 88 percent described their experiences trying on bathing suits as traumatic.

The factors contributing to this are all bad design decisions: poor lighting, poor systems to change hygienic liners, poor incentive structures for sales compensation, overly simplistic sizing, and so on.

There seemed to be enough pain in the $20 Billion dollar swimsuit market for us to get interested, and without further ado, please say hello to X Swimwear , Unreasonable Women’s compassionate, technology-driven approach to delivering custom, made-to-order bathing suits that fit women’s unique bodies and style. Swimwear is the first of many product categories we hope to disrupt and bring better experiences to women through.

Please help us meet our funding goals and score a pretty sweet Unreasonable Woman tote bag in the process. Give us your money right here!

For those of you out there who are at the other side of the tunnel, please know that everything you’ve heard a million times already is true: the hardest part was leaning into a new chapter of my life. If you are yearning to start your own thing but are scared to death of losing a steady paycheck or worried about your diminished personal hygiene due to working from your kitchen table, write me a note and I’ll give you a pep talk, or better yet, read a really terrific article by Tanya Menendez, Co-Founder of Maker’s Row. Tanya is one of the loveliest, articulate, and dedicated female founders I know…not to mention one of the most successful and she has very good advice for those figuring out the right plan for them to take the plunge.

And speaking of taking the plunge, it is my sincerest wish that nothing gets in the way of you having the most lovely swimming and soaking experiences from here on out…..more on that soon…..sk

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