I’ve been busy


My, my, my there is a lot going on! Just in case you missed it, my new company, Unreasonable Women is up and running (and she is running!). We survived a Kickstarter round and secured what we needed to catapult us into an R&D phase where we currently reside. We got some nice press in Comso, Refinery 29, and Fast Company and we’re so pleased that so many dig what we’re trying to do by developing data-driven bathing suits.

This site will sustain, don’t you worry (haha), but will likely be more of my personal musings. You were warned. It’s all excruciating details of good experiences, curiosity in action, pleasant ditties like the one by LCD Soundsystem above, and enthusiastic suggestions from here on out.

I am still writing about The Internet of Things, the emotional responses humans have to technology, mission-driven start-up life, digital design, and mass customization, but I’m doing it for a host of fine publications like Racked and Develop3D, now.

As far as professional pursuits are concerned, Unreasonable Women is keeping me very busy and I’ve learned how much I can change and how good it feels to push against the sides of your brain and comfort zone.  To think that I haven’t boarded an airplane in months, mostly deal with women in all aspects of my business, and can now (insert fanfare) design, pattern, and make technical requirements for a swimsuit is pretty mind bending.

Day to day, chronologically speaking, I am annoyed by every moment the Oregon militia wastes our time on the morning news, and am becoming genuinely concerned about Donald Trump. I like my new venture fellowship at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator and having Tilda All Day being smack in the middle of the walk from my apartment to the G Train.  I have a nice big wall that’s already covered in hundreds of Post-Its. I got a subscription to Quinciple and that’s pushing me to cook with wonderful purple sweet potatoes and sunchokes and to do things like coddle eggs and zest bergamots with very pleasant results.

Life is uncertain, but life is good. I suppose the first is always the case, and the second is something we strive for. In that spirit, I hope the tail end of this prattle finds you in the same frame of mind. Change is good.

Bar me and hold me and cling to my arm, sk


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