Happy 100th, Lady Day <3

In honor of Billie Holiday’s 100th birthday, I listened to her all the way into work. I wore my brand new cloche and plugged in my ear buds under there and my head became this very fashionable and cozy bandshell of yesteryear. Outside it was blustery, but it was oh so nice under that brim this morning, you guys. I thought about the times I ran to Billie with heartbreak or when I trudged through the snow to buy a CD (cringe) of her stuff when I was falling in love with my first high school boyfriend. In every instance, she would softly sing in my ear surrounded by tender brushwork and woebegone clarinets and romping pianos as this sort of all-knowing older sister who had seen it all. She’s picked me up and dusted me off so many times with this one, I’ve lost count.

May you tuck a proverbial gardenia behind your ear if a cloche is not at close hand….xx.sk

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