From Prototype to Fabrication: Planning for Mass Production

Excited to announce that I am teaching a brand new class at ITP this fall called From Prototype to Fabrication: Planning for Mass Production. Many students in the program are trying to develop new connected devices and need assistance thinking through how to bring their ideas out of the prototype phase and into a state where they could be mass produced. Our class will require them to build a digital model in Autodesk Fusion360, export a proper Bill of Materials, source off-the-shelf electronic components, think about regulatory compliance, and lastly engage with contract manufacturers to source labor. I hope my students will leave with a solid set of thinking and making skills that will serve them well in the workforce (Be it building their own empires or helping build someone else’s).

A packed semester to say the very least! If you are interested in the course, our class blog is here. It’s brand new, so any suggestions from my manufacturing-focused readers are much appreciated.

The jam above is called Israelites by Desmond Dekker. He is a prince among men and maker of this song that I use when I have to get up very, very, very early to go to work. This in my ears, a deli cup of coffee with more cream and sugar than I would ever allow for myself in my hand, and a casual “Have a good day, hon.” from the person behind the bodega counter make the lost hours of sleep a distant memory. Happy Belated Labor Day…..Yours very truly indeed .Professor Krasley

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