Friends & Healers

Healers:  I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing group of people looking after me and bringing me back to good health, but I do and they would be excellent resources for you, too.

  • One Medical Group is the most extraordinary business. Without them I would look like that emoji that is the most upset of all the emojis. I hope they have an IPO and give the healthcare system a much-needed run for its money. One Medical Group for President.
  • Shane Hoffman makes getting stuck with a bunch of needles and sipping Chinese herbs a truly joyful experience. I believe in acupuncture!
  • Maya Jocelyn has built an amazing community of women of all shapes and sizes who feel great and empowered in their bodies. Her Prospect Heights studio is an amazing place to work out and it smells great in there and she plays jazz.
  • Jessa Zinn rolfed me into perfect symmetry in her beautiful space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It has been a lifelong dream to be able to touch my toes and I am much closer to them now.
  • Marlie McGovern is everything you want in a yoga teacher. She is thoughtful, specific, and I am never worried that I won’t know what to do next when I am in an inversion. Her Stars of the Lid filled Restorative Yoga class is like the nap time you never appreciated as a child. It takes the edge right off a Sunday night.
  • Scott Robson is a very dear friend who has a life coaching practice that specializes in helping creative professionals unlock their potential.

Manufacturing & Design & Technology & Sustainability Inclined

  • A truly amazing graduate program at NYU where I am an adjunct professor: NYU ITP
  • I am a venture fellow at the  Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator .
  • I collaborate with Human Condition Labs from time to time and find their vision pretty awe-inspiring.
  • Studio Bitonti and Rock Paper Robot are always up to something interesting.
  • I write a monthly column on my goings-on for this deliciously geeky magazine: Develop3D
  • I want to be first in line for Nina Rappaport‘s new book on her passion: urban vertical factories.
  • Janine Benyus‘s work to decode and evangelize how nature solves design problems so they can be applied to industry is awe-inspiring.
  • Several years ago, on one of the best days of my little life, I took the Shinkansen train to go meet Eiji Nakatsu, the train’s technical director and the creator of its iconic shape that has become one of the most notable examples of biomimicry applied to engineering.
  • I have a planet of respect for the folks at Macro Sea. I wish all real estate developers were as creative, tenacious, and compassionate. I wrote an article/ gushed profusely about their New Lab project here.
  • Karen Schoellkopf  artfully focuses on what I think are the most important pieces of lessening the gender gap in tech: the hiring process. She systematically and compassionately gives great advice on how to Hire More Women in Tech here.
  • Leah Hunter makes collaboration a joy.

Artists & Visual Magicians

  • Jonathan Hertzel was the one who got me thinking in 3D in the first place, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. His art is here.
  • Linda Guenste makes paintings of landscapes that make me want to crawl inside and stay for a very long time.
  • Lisa Iaboni can tell a story like no one’s business. She lovingly shot X Swimwear’s first collection.
  • Simone Rubi made my logo and is so multi-talented that I could put her work in any number of these sections and would have plenty to say!
  • Nick Gordon took the photograph of me on this website. He has great ideas and even better execution.
  • Nat Russell’s art hangs all over my life zones.
  • Lam Thuy Vo is a bad ass ninja and amazing storyteller.
  • Catie Lazarus is a talk show host who will crack you up.
  • Gilbert Ford was the first person to play Belle and Sebastian for me and makes incredible books.
  • When I look down at my fingers, I inevitably see things made by buddies, specifically, Talon NYC & Lila Rice‘s beautiful rings.
  • I love the classes at the Textile Arts Center.

Culinary Inspirers

  • My friend Alex made this bar.
  • Tristan Choi makes inspired ice cream in Seoul, Korea at Fell & Cole.
  • Danielle & Adrian Rubi-Dentzel’s travelogue, Trail of Crumbs constantly inspires and makes me hungry. Their guide to Paris is the first thing I look at when planning visits there.
  • Ian Knauer’s recipes are always my go-to’s as they reference our shared Pennsylvania Dutch roots and Brooklyn leanings.

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