Because I Like to Share Things That Are Good: The Double Intro

Maybe it’s August in New York and the city is empty or maybe it’s that people are slowing down a bit and their brains are relaxed enough to give them a chance to be more benevolent and/or make creative leaps, but I am getting introduced to a phenomenal number of phenomenal people lately and I myself am continuing this trend.

Within this lovely trend is an important piece of etiquette that I thought I might impart to you, dear readers: the double intro. Before you make a connection, check with both parties to make sure they are both cool with the connection. I’ve had points where I have just been way too busy to meet a new person and in lieu of being rude to a friend’s friend, I just suggested we hold off until I had more time for coffee dates. The double intro makes room for this.

Is it two emails more than a direct introduction? yes…But, is there a template you can use for the first intro? yes! (thanks to Alexandra Cavoulacos for this gift).

Inching towards a kinder, more mannerly yours….sk


P.S. that bouncy little jam is a real kid-pleaser and is “Bad Connection” by Yaz.


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