Because I Like to Share Things That Are Good: Atlas Obscura

Curious people of the world, unite and click a button. I very briefly wanted to point out that if you are also afflicted with being a highly curious person who travels a lot you should make haste to Atlas Obscura. There is this delightful little button that tells you what strange sight to see is nearby you. Thanks to Obscura I’ve recently:

  • had cocktails in a mausoleum by candlelight and harp music in Greenwood Cemetery (I’ve never felt more like an Edward Gorey drawing and you better believe I wore that black cloche!)
  • toured the amazing abandoned areas at the Brooklyn Army Terminal (a Cass Gilbert production, who knew?!)
  • checked out “the original web site” aka Knight’s Spider Web farm,
  • been itching to go into the Grand Army Plaza arch where they apparently store puppets?!?

And this, well, this is the weirdest thing I know of. There are no words.

It is a weird and wonderful world to be curious in. Let this be your guide…

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